SmackDown has been heating up over the last few weeks, with almost one more week left on the road to WrestleMania.  This week’s episode of Blue Brand promised to be an exciting instalment. Smackdown Live pledged to much more eventful than Red Brand, with finding out how Kofi Kingston was going to get to WrestleMania. But WWE Universe fans had no idea how intriguing the show would actually be.

The Blue Brand is generally a much more level headed show than Monday Night Raw. The creative team made surprising decisions on the show, that was groundbreaking but not in a good way. This is the first time we saw the Smackdown Live creative team make some erroneous decisions.

Kurt Angle’s retirement tour has been one of the most underused storylines on the road to The Showcase of Immortals. This was an aspect of WWEwwe news com,which should have been much better than what it was. The Olympian Hero faced off with the likes of Apollo Crews, Chad Gable & Samoa Joe. After Joe and Angle put on a reasonably good match last night on Raw, this week, he faced AJ Styles on SmackDown Live where Randy Orton interrupted. Angle’s final match ever with The Phenomenal One at Blue brand ended up no contest which leaves a massive hole in the retirement tour.

The Viper came to the ring and delivered an RKO to AJ Styles which drew a disqualification. Fans knew that Kurt couldn’t get it done in the ring anymore with his days of being the most gifted competitor in the world were far behind him. But if there were the superstar who could get the best out of him at this stage of his career, it would be AJ Styles. This was supposed to be a particular moment for a man that helped pioneer Smackdown in his early days.

Last week on Smackdown Live Vince McMahon threw another curveball at Kofi Kingston.  Vince McMahon addressed how Kofi was planning to get his title shot? The New Day came out to relay a message to the Chairman, that if McMahon doesn’t give Kofi, his title shot then they will quit the WWE.This prompted the Chairman to come and address the trio.

The Boss laid out an ultimatum that if The New Day participate in a tag team gauntlet match and win, they will guarantee Kofi his WWE Title match. The New Day overcome the odds to send Kofi to The Show of Shows. Kofi had participated in several gauntlet matches, and now wwe news comgave us the same thing. There were so many routes the company could’ve taken to get Kingstone to his WWE Title match at WrestleMania. WWE has one more twist under their sleeve for this show with less than a week left in the Showcase of Immortals.

There is no doubt that Charlotte is the best athlete in the women’s division. The Queen is handed everything. WWE made a terrible decision this week on Smackdown Live.  She faced off against Asuka the in a WrestleMania re-match from last year. This contest was the fact that it was for the Smackdown Women’s Champion.  The Queen and The Empress of Tomorrow attempted moves never seen before in their matches giving the contest different feel.

Charlotte Flair defeated the Japanese superstar becoming the eight-time SmackDown Women’s champion. The Queen is starting to become an over-pushed superstar. Smackdown Live Women’s Champion is involved in the main event of WrestleMania.  The Japanese Superstar was the greatest NXT Champion during her stay in the developmental brand. Asuka was royalty down in NXT from defeating some of the most prominent stars in the NXT women’s division to becoming an undefeated champion.

The Empress of Tomorrow arrived on SmackDown Live, and her career started to go in a downward spiral. Asuka won the Smackdown Live Women’s Title at the TLC event and beat Becky Lynch clean at the Royal Rumble. Charlotte beat Asuka for the Smackdown Women’s Title in a thrilling match which was a terrible decision being made by WWE. This was a shocking moment for the WWE Universe because many think she was finally going to get the respect she deserves from the SmackDown Live creative team, but you were mistaken.

The Blue Brand is one the best-assembled brand in WWE right now. Smackdown Live has a perfect mix of veterans and young stars which allows contestingnewmatches every week. But not correctlyutilising the superstars is one thing SmackDown Live is guilty of it. The brand uses its superstars this week in a way that didn’t benefit them. Sanity is the one team that was used on Smackdown this week. The NXT faction has single-handedly taken down by the Miz is a reflection point for WWE.