Ohh the joys of bringing home a brand new baby! The smells, the sights, the feels! In the early days babies spend a lot of time sleeping and often we need to still keep the wheels in motion for the rest of the family while keeping an eye on the latest addition. It could be that you need to look after your other kids, get some work done on your laptop, put a load of washing on or just binge on Netflix – whatever the case, you will definitely love having the baby nest!

Lightweight & easy to transport

Imagine having the most snug, organically made, lightweight and beautiful portable “nest” for your little one that will allow you to put them down for a nap whereever you go – When they are still teeny-tiny, you can set the baby nest up on the kitchen table while you make lunch boxes for the older kids; lay it on the floor while you binge on Netflix; bring in to the in-laws house for the Sunday brunch – whereever you go really!
Babies love being close to you and the rest of the family just as you like to have you new bub close to you whatever it is that you are doing. Babynest offers a familiar place for your baby to just chill out or nap.

The baby nest is easy to clean

The baby nest can be used on the lounge, floor or anywhere you want really. It has 4 carry straps so it can be easily transported. For travelling purposes – it comes with a clear storage/travel bag that helps keep the babynest clean.

The baby nest is easy to take care of – it has zippers that allow the cover to be removed and machine washed. The covers are made of organic cotton so it is also perfectly safe for your baby.

With a comfortable foam mattress, cardboard base and a drawstring making the size adjustable, for when your baby needs a little extra wiggle room, the babynest really is a must have in every home.